With 30 years of studies and practice both in Cuba and Nigeria santeria consultations are made through the oracle of IFA being the most accurate and precise that exists in the world since the beginning of humanity whose wisdom contained in his teachings was declared by UNESCO as cultural and intangible heritage of humanity in 2005:

Using the chain or ekuele for routine or daily divination for specific occasions or ceremonies will use the obi (coconut) or the descent of orula. The consultations are carried out in 2 ways: in person or at a distance, both with the same clarity, veracity and depth. Remote is chosen by many people because of their comfort without moving from home, work, etc. are made by phone to a national number NO SPECIAL RATE these remote consultations are with the same truth, clarity, depth that consultations in person Consultations are decisive and are 100% EFFECTIVE where there is no room for THE ERROR, we will look for real solutions to the problems BEING OF THE NATURE THAT THEY ARE, everything can be arranged at the foot of orula and of the orichas by means of ebbos and offerings determined in the query. Remember that I will not ask you any questions to elicit answers, nor will I let you talk to me because I will be the one who speaks about your life in a clear way with precision, accuracy, depth, professionalism and maximum discretion as a religious confession because it is part of the ethics of IFA. Once the desired query has been selected, since the only difference is the duration of the consultation, 1 hour or 30 minutes, the payment will be made by bank transfer or paypal. We will immediately contact you to arrange the time of the consultation remember that in no case NEVER LOSE YOUR CONSULTATION but you can put another time or another day that suits you. I will give you the most accurate advice and guidelines for you to take your life I will tell you what is going to happen to you that is on your way so that you avoid it without questions cleaning your way no matter how closed you are, since I am a real specialist in solving problems . You know the consequences of the decision you make, knowing if it will be good or bad for us. In general, you may need a consultation with a Babalawo whenever you have any situation that you want to improve on health, love, partner, work, business, inheritance, family situations, friends and enemies, envy, bad luck, depression, loss , entrance of money and prosperity, professional success, increase school performance, approve oppositions, amulets and solids for players Delivery of saints: Olofi, Oduduwa, Olokun, Orun, Osain, Orula, warrior saints, elegua, ogun, ochosi, osun by famous and authentic babalawo consecrated in Cuba. The answer that Orunmila gives is always accurate and sure, there is no doubt, because Orunmila is the one who knows the destiny of all of us. We will find solutions to the negative situations that may arise Any person from any Spanish-speaking country, sexual condition, creed, religion … etc being personal consultations in the same city where I reside by appointment or can be done remotely as described below and in both cases being of legal age or When the things we undertake do not go well despite our efforts for no apparent reason or simply to know their future. If you feel tired, numbness, heaviness, deep sadness, you want to cry without apparent cause are symptoms that you can have some curse, evil eye , witchcraft buried on your person and your life. If you want to recover your partner or things do not go well as before, if you want to know what he feels for you or if there is a third person, if he will return, when the love of your life will appear. THE MAXIMUM DISCRECTION AND PROFESSIONALITY IS GUARANTEED SINCE THIS BELONGS TO THE ETHICS OF IFAZ SEAS WHO ARE YOU A PERSON THAT CONFIDES AND GOES TO ORIENTE TO THE FOOT OF ORULA SO THAT THE CONSULTATION IS AMONG US. During the consultation you will be able to determine solutions to guide your life and solve all those problems that concern you since everything in front of the solution is available. Through different ebbos (Ebbo Ate, Ebbo Eriakuayeru, Ebbo Katero, Ebbo Riru … etc). Different personal cleanings or of suitable and customized houses, cleanings of businesses and works to loyalty clients or to open roads when they are closed, different offerings, lustrales baths, head prayers, paraldos to remove dark spirits and remove dragons, all oriented in order to eradicate your problems and improve your life.

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